A day before exam.

How do you feel when you are going to appear the most important exam of your life or more precisely how does it feel like now when you think about an exam which you think was the most important exam of your life? Fear, anxiety, terror and horror all attacking you from four directions eating you up or its confidence, precision, preparedness and alertness that prompts out as frontier helping you conquer one of the most important checkpoints of life? In my case, it’s neither of them. Coming into the engineering life, my way of thinking exam has changed radically, or I should say it’s not the course but my fellow students studying with me that have changed my way of thinking about exams.

My classroom, as every other classroom in this world, has a variety of students. There are toppers who study things like eating food after starving for a day. Then there are backbenchers, the most sought after students by teachers and students alike but for very different reason. And how can I forget about class leaders who assume full responsibility for any crazy plan that a class has to execute? Then there are entertainers, sports star that becomes the center of gossips for all the batchmates.

But there is very rare case when you come across a guy who stands out as a perfect example of how a person should enjoy his study life. And that guy was, fortunately( or unfortunately ) was my room-mate Himanshu. The way he has influenced me I don’t think no one else would so. A talented guy with no urge and in no hurry to complete his studies. Though he is one of the guys who is at his tension peak during the exam times but the way he behaves will make others to cool down their mercury. I still remember the time when we all of us were preparing for our environment paper but he was the one who went into deep trance state after reading a page of it. But nevertheless what makes him engineer is the fact that somehow manages to score above average score.

But when I thought that it’s the extreme level that I guy can reach I came across yet another friend who coincidently happens to the topper of class and my room-mate, Pratipanna or PP.
He understands everything taught in class but never cares to make a revision of it at the hostel. But the way he studies last night makes me think whether he is a human or a zombie. He reduces his sleeping time and makes use of his magical grasping ability to excel in the exam.

Then there are other roommates Gopal and Soumya who greatly believes in everyday hardship principle for success. They study every day in a regular fashion in order to strengthen their concepts and excel in the exam. I wonder how someone can make such hardships in such a chaotic hostel ( or I should say chaotic friend circle).

But whatever be your style whether its type of my friends Himansu and pp who have high grasping power and make it at the very end or that of Soumya and Gopal who religiously study( or try to) study regularly, it all melts down to the day before the exam. The feelings that undergo at that time is something which varies greatly from person to person.

If you ask me then I am a typical backbencher type who neither study every day nor possess any magical capabilities but yet crams up everything and vomits out during exam time. Therefore, I guess I don’t undergo through those feeling which I made at the beginning of my article.

So guys what do you feel like when you attempt or are about to attend one of the most important exams of your life or how did you felt when you attended your exams?
“Bhagwan sabka bhala kare par shuruaat mujhse kare 🙂 “.


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