A day after exam

At last!!  I will be getting some rest as I have so called successfully completed the most competitive exam in our country JEE main which decides the future of nearly 13-15 millions of students. This was my second attempt, at first attempt, I got admission at VSSUT, inBurla and you know I have scored very good marks but I don’t think I will be leaving this place ( so much mark that I just can’t leave my college ).
After getting admission at this place I was kind of very depressed since this place was never the radar of my expected study place ever. Further the college infrastructure especially hostels were all suggesting that I ll be having hard time here. But whether I like it or not I was at least destined to study for a year….rather a transforming year for me.
It was transforming in the sense that it was my first time since I have been leaving far affray from my parents , got to learn odia at its full, and learnt many new stuff, explaining which would take me a page itself.
Currently I m still studying hard to crack the BITSAT exam but I am not sure how all these things are going to unfold. Whether I will continue my study here or I will be exploring new pasture is all about just a matter of time ( n some crazy deeds of sleepless study also )
As always : ” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare “


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