Topper’s Syndrome

As the exams are going on you will find varieties of people having time of style of studying with thousands of style of explanation of how and why they chose to study in that manner. But there are certain specimen about which everyone become suspicious of … the one who always achieve the top of the league, no matter you love them out hate them. They are called the topper.
Now everyone might not be topping their exams or it might be that they are competing hard to try to reserve the first position but there are certain traits that you will find in every topper.
– they somehow get into a deep relationship with books during exam time.
– these otherwise harmless nerds become the most fierce full guys you would ever know in world
– time management is like their wife… Aur wife ki baat nahi sunoge to watt to lagni hi hai !! 
– the most common pick up line of these guys : ” Aur Bhai tumhara to sab ho gaya hoga … Apna to khatam hi nahi ho raha hai … ”
– upgradation level is at the highest … They effectively change themselves from 125 MB hard disk to 1 TB ultra SSD
And lots of more about which I think I could write a thesis paper.
Well nothing personal this post is only for entertainment purpose but if any of u feel bad for it …. Then just SHUT UP !!
As always “Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare par shuruaat mujhse kare “


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