Real life is just about to begin

When I first joined the college I had the dreams of living a rapid and fun laden life that the Facebook claims ( or I should say the people using Facebook claims to be). The fun being bunking classes, hanging out with friends, traveling around the places and many more than I couldn’t get in school.

But my recent summer course is heavily influencing me to change my perception about my career and so also about why should I reconsider about my college life. College is a place where we not only come to learn about the real life stuff but also make our own path by specialising in one or more than one skills.

When I was a kid I thought that I will become a successful cricketer. No doubt if you are a child who is growing in India then it’s a common aspiration. But as like any common child in India I was sent to school not for purpose of learning but in order to ensure that after certain age I would get a good job. Schooling was fun and adventures when I was completing my primary but things got serious and boring towards secondary schools and instead of studying for learning, I was studying to secure good marks in board exams.

Higher secondary made it even worst for us to have open choices because on India ones life path gets decided in higher secondary itself. And unlike in other developed countries we are mostly forced to study science. Why , because of job. Every student then starts to dream about cracking national level exams and get into prestigious elite colleges of India. But due to heavy competition only few lucky ones gets admission into such colleges. Rest of us wander into state college or in some other private colleges.

But it’s not only about getting admission into the prestigious college that matters. Students are usually feed with the thinking that life is secured if we secure a seat in this elite colleges and they will bring about an end to the sorrow of a middle class student. And this is where most of us fail to realise that real stuff begins from college. It is where we learn the skills that we can apply in the world to earn and to shape our world.

Right now I am just at the beginning stage of the college but soon I will have to learn things in hard way ( ie facing the black and white side of the world ) and have to apply them to do some REAL STUFFS.!!

Till then
“Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujse kare”
Take care.


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