One month of summer course: fortnight

I should admit that my hopes for Bhubaneswar got completely destroyed in the first week of my stay at Bhubaneswar ( bbsr from this onwards ). My dream of enjoying my summers were shattered. My desire to travel around the place seemed impossible. For I was like fish our of water and to be true it was like fish into an acid.

My dream for my dream holiday first got broken when I was not allowed to take my bike to bbsr. That was like taking away my limbs. I was like ” How will I survive in this big city ??”. Then second it was the unfamiliarity with the bus and auto rickshaw ride fares and it’s system. And the third and final blow to my plan was …  my laziness to do my map homework. In simple words I didn’t know anything about bbsr.

But thanks to my genetics. Like my mom I m lazy and little lethargic but I moulded myself according to the situation. With the help of my roommates I got the opportunity to explore some of the area like Market building, Bhavani mall, forum mart( famously big bazaar ), and the school where a good pal of mine Subhrajit used to study( now doing crazy stuff with me and with others in VSSUT :P).

Then in the mean time I got a new trainee Satya for my karate classes which ensued that I continued to practice even in the summers.  Thought I wished I could train him in my way as I did with my best friend Asutosh I just simply couldn’t. I think it has something to do with sensai Puri ( My sensai about which I mentioned here )

But anyway I am looking forward to having more fun this holidays and I hope that by the end of this summer I will have something great to share with you.
Till then if you would like to read  first part of this story click here.
As always
” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare par shuruaat mujhse kar ”
Take care


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