Belated happy anniversary !!

Belated happy anniversary to my parents. I am such a fool that I failed to remember such an important date … Important not just because they married on that day but because its the date on which two family became one, the day when two body became one soul.

Usually my mom is the first one to wish happy anniversary to my dad and we celebrate it at midnight with cake and homemade sweets. I usually fail to give any surprise to my parents for may be because I am lazy or duffer to come up with any idea.

But this year was special (really special :P) because not only me but also my parents forgot about the anniversary date. And it was again my mom who reminded us two days latter on 14 June ( I mean to me and my dad while watching kung fu panda ) that we have forgotten about anniversary. So what, we had nothing to worry about for our lazy family knows that we couldn’t do anything better then wishing each other ( obviously not to me you silly 😛 ).

Anyway as they say all is well that ends well and so also the story of this year anniversary. And the way we ended it was by forgetting that we forgot the date at the first place.

As always
“Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare”
Take care.


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