“All is well that ends well” – William Shakespeare.
But sadly that is not true for all the life stories. Some stories are told, some untold, and some … they don’t even get to begin at first place … so sad indeed. But even some stories that ends from start has an untold story behind it, waiting to heard by someone, someone who could have removed that full-stop from the beginning.

This short ended story is about a friend of mine and his cute yet sad end to his hope of sparking any love story between him and his beloved love. And I hope that “someone” of his life get to know about this untold story of him.

Just like every other day I and my pal were chatting about our college assignment, and about different mobile games. In a similar day I got a truth and dare message from a Whatsapp group which I forwarded to him. And it’s from this me I got a chance to sneak peek into some of his untold story. A story about his love affair that never got a head start.

“Being a studious guy I never cared about anything other than books in my school times. Just like how I completed my class 10 I was hoping to complete my class 12. It was in one of my biology tuition classes that a new girl took admission. I didn’t know her name by then but the information about her score in 10th board reached to me before her name and I was happy to know that a studious girl has joined my tuition classes. Since she joined the classes late, she was eager to cope up with rest of her fellows and continuously asked about it to sir. I was very irritated about this since she was disturbing the natural flow our biology classes. That was her first impression on me.

As time passed by she proved herself to be a competitive as a student and kind and charismatic as a person unlike other girls who just gossiped. Slowly I started to grow my likeness for her. By the end of my class 11 she was kind of my crush. I know it sounds a bit nerdy but then I won’t lie about my emotions. I was impressed by her studies and so also her attitude and approach to her friends.

My +2 college started and I was happy to discover the fact that the same girl was in my practical group. I started to imagine my chance of taking to her. But alas! My fear of talking to girls, I just couldn’t do it. Somehow I gathered my courage and tried to make friendship with her. Slowly and steadily I got to chit chat with her during practical classes. Our conversation usually included about practicals and tuition studies.

With every passing day I started to grow affection for her and I started to like her or maybe I started to love her. I wished I could tell her more about how I felt, or even better ask her for a date but even in our last meeting the only thing I could come up with was to ask her about her exams and college placement.

Years later when I started studying in Burla I found out that she has a boyfriend who happens to be my very close friend. That was my heart breaking moment. I am still not sure how I actually felt about her. Was it love or infatuation? But I am sure that whatever it was it has all come to an end.

Some stories end without any start.”

“Bahngwaan sabka bhala kare par shuruat mujhse kare.”

Thanks for reading




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