About Me

Snapshot_20150421_3Hello friends, I am Shuvam Nayak, a 19 year old ug student who loves to have twist and turns in his life. My life consists of learning,playing,eating and sleeping which is what most of the children of my age are doing in there other 16 hours excluding heavy chatting and internet stuffs. But I want to give some rest to these things and want to explore the ultimate truth of my life

This blog is all about a platform for me to share my word of opinion, knowledge and day to day happening in my life. The posts serves as my voices that wants to hear you something. Something that has been explored neither by me nor by you. But through this we will be able to expand our experience and thus create a new perspective for us.

(The above stated line are just for philosophical people and has nothing to do with Crazy Yatra and his fan 😛 ). Enjoy my crazy ( or not so crazy life) of mine which deals in good amount of everything that a student will come across from the amount of ignorance of daily news to fanatic reaction on some of the rotten topics, from top-notch knowledge on some of the sophisticated technology to the lack of common sense on some of the most common stuff. So what are you waiting for ? Enjoy these Crazy Yatra.