Am I an Engineer ?

Currently pursuing my degree from VSSUT, Burla it’s obvious that I will eventually graduate as an engineer … engineers who are supposed to shape and change the path of our country for the betterment. But is it really happening at grassroot level. Refereeing to my previous article, I said that I realised that I m learning some real stuffs. But is that really the case ?

Every year approximately 10-12 lacs students graduate as an engineer. And it’s right of every engineers to get into this so called ” middle class fortune opening jobs “. But the countries requirement of about 1-2 lacs engineer per year makes it very competitive for students to secure this jobs. In order to get these jobs one must be dedicated to his studies and he must be interested to continue his career in the same field.

However, it was neither my interest nor my superior knowledge in engineering that brought me into this system. It was the old ” middle class firing opening jobs ” trap that caught me and many of my fellow guys into this system.

But when I take a close look into the life’s of my parents and close by relatives who have achieved and are currently living a successful life I find that it is neither the passion nor the interest that lead them to this path. But it was about the opportunity and accumulation of skills in respective field that landed them into the league of successful persons.

Regarding the answer to the topic of my article … Well no one knows where the crazy yatra of my life will take me … Hoping for best, preparing for worst.
Till then
” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare ”
Take care.