Back to writing after so many days!!

Well title says it all. This article is a type of a formal letter ( seriously …can you expect anything formal here 😉 ? ) asking all readers to forgive me for not posting any article for a very long period of time.

Though I could boil down a list of thousands excuses if not hundred ( #height of chu****panti 😛 ) but I wont be boring you with those things for I have a good reason to accept my failure to write this apology article, that I failed to keep you engaged in the world of writing, that I failed to share my craziness to all of you guy,that I failed to keep up with your craziness.

But nevertheless, crazy as we are, It shouldn’t bother to you for craziness knows no bound and it shouldn’t be. And from now on I will continue to ignite that same craziness that burns within my heart and continue to receive the craziness from your warmth.

Until next time, keep doing your crazy yatra
Sayonara !!