My karate’s enlightenment !!

My love for karate is since 2002 when I was 6 years old and the reason behind it was TV series hosted by Akhsya kumar in NatGeo. That was my starting point for getting into this martial art stuff. Though I formally joined a karate class at Paradeep in the year 2008 and I become a Senpai in the year 2012 under the guidance of my sensei Sanjay Saha,my interest to learn karate has always been like that of white belt student who are full of potential and want to absorb more and more knowledge from their Sensei.

Karate has always kept my interested since it always store something new to learn for all types of karate-ka. When I left my karate classes at class 10 in the year 2012 I thought it would be the last day of my karate classes. Indeed they were the last classes of karate at Paradeep. But it was fool of me to think so early about my retirement from it. When I came to Burla I was relieved to find that there was a karate class taken by sensei chidanada puri where I could continue from my black belt. So I immediately joined the classes and continued my karate safar.

Since I was the only guy with black belt in my dojo it was evident that I had superior skills and I faced no difficulty in sparring with my fellow guys. But as I said you earlier karate never fails to surprise me.

It’s about the local tournament. As most of the participants were of my dojo I assumed that it will be of not great difficulty to win these tournament. But as Neil Armstrong rightly said ” Well, I think we tried very hard not to be overconfident, because when you get overconfident, that’s when something snaps up and bites you. ” the quote iterated in my performance. For it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I lost the knockout stages of tournament to Tarini who had recently joined karate classes but nevertheless it was essential for me as karateka to learn and to understand that I should never underestimate my opponent’s abilities.
Thus I would like to conclude that what I learned is nothing very unique or amazing experience but I can assure that out was something which is essential for me as a person to lead my life.

As usual ” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare ”
Take care!