Some stories end without any start …

Some stories end without any start …


“All is well that ends well” – William Shakespeare.
But sadly that is not true for all the life stories. Some stories are told, some untold, and some … they don’t even get to begin at first place … so sad indeed. But even some stories that ends from start has an untold story behind it, waiting to heard by someone, someone who could have removed that full-stop from the beginning. Continue reading “Some stories end without any start …”


Belated happy anniversary !!

Belated happy anniversary to my parents. I am such a fool that I failed to remember such an important date … Important not just because they married on that day but because its the date on which two family became one, the day when two body became one soul.

Usually my mom is the first one to wish happy anniversary to my dad and we celebrate it at midnight with cake and homemade sweets. I usually fail to give any surprise to my parents for may be because I am lazy or duffer to come up with any idea.

But this year was special (really special :P) because not only me but also my parents forgot about the anniversary date. And it was again my mom who reminded us two days latter on 14 June ( I mean to me and my dad while watching kung fu panda ) that we have forgotten about anniversary. So what, we had nothing to worry about for our lazy family knows that we couldn’t do anything better then wishing each other ( obviously not to me you silly 😛 ).

Anyway as they say all is well that ends well and so also the story of this year anniversary. And the way we ended it was by forgetting that we forgot the date at the first place.

As always
“Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare”
Take care.

One month of summer course: fortnight

I should admit that my hopes for Bhubaneswar got completely destroyed in the first week of my stay at Bhubaneswar ( bbsr from this onwards ). My dream of enjoying my summers were shattered. My desire to travel around the place seemed impossible. For I was like fish our of water and to be true it was like fish into an acid.

My dream for my dream holiday first got broken when I was not allowed to take my bike to bbsr. That was like taking away my limbs. I was like ” How will I survive in this big city ??”. Then second it was the unfamiliarity with the bus and auto rickshaw ride fares and it’s system. And the third and final blow to my plan was …  my laziness to do my map homework. In simple words I didn’t know anything about bbsr.

But thanks to my genetics. Like my mom I m lazy and little lethargic but I moulded myself according to the situation. With the help of my roommates I got the opportunity to explore some of the area like Market building, Bhavani mall, forum mart( famously big bazaar ), and the school where a good pal of mine Subhrajit used to study( now doing crazy stuff with me and with others in VSSUT :P).

Then in the mean time I got a new trainee Satya for my karate classes which ensued that I continued to practice even in the summers.  Thought I wished I could train him in my way as I did with my best friend Asutosh I just simply couldn’t. I think it has something to do with sensai Puri ( My sensai about which I mentioned here )

But anyway I am looking forward to having more fun this holidays and I hope that by the end of this summer I will have something great to share with you.
Till then if you would like to read  first part of this story click here.
As always
” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare par shuruaat mujhse kar ”
Take care

Real life is just about to begin

When I first joined the college I had the dreams of living a rapid and fun laden life that the Facebook claims ( or I should say the people using Facebook claims to be). The fun being bunking classes, hanging out with friends, traveling around the places and many more than I couldn’t get in school.

But my recent summer course is heavily influencing me to change my perception about my career and so also about why should I reconsider about my college life. College is a place where we not only come to learn about the real life stuff but also make our own path by specialising in one or more than one skills.

When I was a kid I thought that I will become a successful cricketer. No doubt if you are a child who is growing in India then it’s a common aspiration. But as like any common child in India I was sent to school not for purpose of learning but in order to ensure that after certain age I would get a good job. Schooling was fun and adventures when I was completing my primary but things got serious and boring towards secondary schools and instead of studying for learning, I was studying to secure good marks in board exams.

Higher secondary made it even worst for us to have open choices because on India ones life path gets decided in higher secondary itself. And unlike in other developed countries we are mostly forced to study science. Why , because of job. Every student then starts to dream about cracking national level exams and get into prestigious elite colleges of India. But due to heavy competition only few lucky ones gets admission into such colleges. Rest of us wander into state college or in some other private colleges.

But it’s not only about getting admission into the prestigious college that matters. Students are usually feed with the thinking that life is secured if we secure a seat in this elite colleges and they will bring about an end to the sorrow of a middle class student. And this is where most of us fail to realise that real stuff begins from college. It is where we learn the skills that we can apply in the world to earn and to shape our world.

Right now I am just at the beginning stage of the college but soon I will have to learn things in hard way ( ie facing the black and white side of the world ) and have to apply them to do some REAL STUFFS.!!

Till then
“Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujse kare”
Take care.

The dark knight rises.

Now by that I don’t mean that you will be getting a superhero like batman as your assistant, saving your from all types of life problem including handling your relationship ( well I guess you will never prefer Batman to handle your relationships 😛 ). I am talking about those restless warriors who works ( or play i don’t know ) endlessly when every one are in deep state of dream. I call them them nightly animals.

Now these type of warriors can be easily spotted in hostel,in offices, in big secret laboratories ( but I will be mostly talking about hostel and college scenario  since I haven’t faced the other two environments yet ). They prefer to hangout and do all other kind of stuff at the day light and seam as harmless student who can just score average mark. But at the exam time they turn out to be one of the greatest achievers. That thing must put someone in wonder as to when did they get the time to study so much and the answer lies in their night vision,sharp smelling,deadly nail, like abilities that they activate at the mid -night.

By burning mid-night oil doesn’t necessarily means that you will be achieving success. I have many examples of early birds who religiously follow their morning ritual and have faith in the saying that ” Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” . Even if we naturally prefer to do our heavy tasks at day time ( or I should say most of us prefer to do it at daytime ) nothing stops these dark knights to carry out their job at night. ( don’t you think knight and night are made similar to sound because of their function 😛 …bad joke anyway).For these people believe that the silence of night is very soothing and are in sync with the vibes of their concerned job.

There are many students in my hostel who are true follower of these nightly animal spirits ( yaah spirits or else where do you think they get inspiration from ?) and it’s due to these people that we ( I means mostly of my type 😛 ) get misguided ” Kya padhai,padhai,padhai… inn logo ko dekho bina padhe hi pass ho jaate hain mai bhi vese kar lunga…” just to realize at the end all I did was wasting my time in trifle stuffs while all they did was working hard everyday oops I mean every-night.

But in the end … It doesn’t matter who prefers which type of working time or how do they achieve the success because all that matters at the end of the day are RESULTS.

As always” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare 🙂 “

Farewell to our sensei !!

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Richard Bach

This messeage is for our beloved Sensei Chidananda Puri :-
“We are really going to miss your presence. It’s very hard for us to even imagine a class without you. But anyway we hope that time will come when our paths will cross each other’s road ( not just once but many times 😉 ).  Till then we will all be cherishing the time that we got to spend with you and will always keep in our mind everything that you have taught us.”

Here is a collage of the farewell

Our beloved sensei !!
Our beloved sensei !

But the day was not over yet for the 1st year students as we had the super feat of inflitriting our hostel at around mid-night.While rest of us easily climbed up the pipe and got into the hostel. Here is how our golu molu Jayesh did his job ( failed miserably too 😀  lol )…

A miserable infiltration indeed !!
A miserable infiltration indeed !!

But anyway somehow we managed to get a ladder after one of our intelligent guy Bibhu magically got the idea that we can use the ladder lying around his room ( pun obviously intended). Though I am not sure what will happen if the warden get a hand on this article right now but guess what … I don’t either care about it now.

As always ” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare par shuruaat mujhse kare 🙂 “.

Am i a NERD ?

Crazy parties, social gathering, disco nights, friends hangout are the trends that we young generation are fond of. ” Hey, wassup ? Come and hangout man !!” , ” Yo buddy, enjoy the party” , ” Chal naa yaar masti majak hi to karna hai, kuch dhamal karte hai !! ” , ” life is too small, so enjoy yaar !! ” are some of the most common line that i hear in a gathering…..gathering which i would love to join,to hangout but somehow i make sure to make my way out of all these. Other than intro type chat I just fail to come up with something creative or rather witty lines to hangout with other guy or girl just other than academic stuffs. Am I a nerd ?

My love to not love talking is since my schooling years. Thanks to my early schooling at Allahabad, teachers and my pals that i learnt to speak less … so less that it pricked like a thorn in my mind. No personal issues but sometimes i feel that my childhood has not been so wonderful due to my bullying friend circle. My teachers, yes they were good at teaching but the way they tried to discipline us is not I am very fond of. My childhood routines made sure that all I was left with were my books and computers which required just me to play which all in turn where effecting me at psychological level, completely engaged with books, disengaged with people.

As i continued to grow, I and my parents got transfered. Now I was at Paradeep, a place I never heard of and never dreamt of coming. But as they say “jo hota hai bhale ke liye hota hai !! “. I got the golden chance of meeting new lovely people and also got a platform to learn karate. But inspite of that, my childhood had left a footprint that was not so easily going away. I remember how I fumbled to talk with people. It was as if i thought everyone were hostile to me and won’t accept me. But thanks to my new schoolmate who provided me the suitable surrounding to have a normal secondary schooling. I was realizing the saying ” All study and no play makes Jack a lazy boy !!” kind of things.

My intermediate college had been a turning point For now I was forced ( forced for good) to Odia as a form of communication. At first my nerdy qualities kicked in which made it very difficult for me to communicate. But as i learnt Odia, I found that I was able to make new and better friend circle. I guess the language learning experience and the Bhai chara present in Cuttack were somewhat responsible to heal the wounds of my past and make me more open and taught me to better control my nerd side.

Now I am pursuing my engg and living in a hostel is a totally different experience. No matter how isolate lifestyle you like ,unless you are crazy, you will find yourself getting engaged in chatting with at least one person each day. But even with these I guess I was too early to decide that I ha transformed into a cool guy after completing my studies from Cuttack. Here I faced new problem, new challenges and of course… girls. All these things pulled me back to from where I all started. Now I am learning or i should say relearning the things on my own terms to come out of these clumsy situation. But will it be so easy for me to come out of nerdiness… or that it could be possible that I was never successful in neutralizing the nerd person within me and that I am stuck in a loop of thoughts ?

As always ” Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare “