One month of summer course: beginning

Now that our college is officially closed and that we have become unemployed, our student came up with the idea of going for a summer course that would help us fill the big void in our hectic life, will add some stuff to show in our CV and for formality sake we will also be doing some studies ( by chance if we feel to do so 😛 ).

I recently shifted from my home to one of this unknown places to do my summer course on CATIA with my friends. But the atmosphere that we have in the room is more or less towards stuff which doesn’t include studies for sure. Though it cannot be said that the situation will remain the same in coming days as all the studies guys of our branch happen to be my roommates.

Well stepping into this unknown I am just hoping that I will have a lot more things to share with you guys. Till then I will be enjoying the occasional rains, street food and friends masti majak.

As always
“Bhagwaan sabka bhala kare, par shuruaat mujhse kare ”
Take care.


My hopes, dreams, fears for my future black son

My hopes, dreams, fears for my future black son

People should understand that black and white people are not different kinds… We constitute the same thing … We all are the same human being !!

For many young black men in America, systemic bias and racism make the simplicity of childhood unjustly complicated. In a letter to the son he may someday have, poet Clint Smith (TED Talk: How to raise a black son in America) reflects on the lessons he learned as a child and shares his hopes for his future son.

Son, I want to tell you how difficult it is to tell someone they are both beautiful and endangered. So worthy of life, yet so despised for living. I do not intend to scare you. My father, your grandfather, taught me to follow a certain set of rules before I even knew their purpose. He told me that these rules would not apply to everyone, that they would not even apply to all of my friends. But they were rules to abide by nonetheless. Too many black boys are killed for…

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